Delta Pi Foundation Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame inductee eligibility

Eligibility for induction into the Delta Pi Foundation Hall of Fame shall be made available to Delta Pi Brothers for Meritorious Achievements. The Hall of Fame selection committee shall receive, review, and recommend all Hall of Fame submissions to the Delta Pi Foundation Board. Brothers must receive a three-fourths affirmative vote from the Delta Pi Foundation Board to be inducted into the Delta Pi Foundation Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Petition Submission

Email complete petitions to HOF@thedeltapifoundation.org


Demonstrated outstanding achievement in their field of human endeavor that is measurable in terms of the extensiveness and nature of achievement or contributions.


Possess and demonstrate outstanding character which reflects positively on the Delta Pi Chapter, his community and himself with a spirit of Brotherhood.


Demonstrated meritorious participation in a national, state and/or local community.


Provided service in his profession demonstrating a track record of achievement.

Honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor

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